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PERMANENT EXHIBITIONS in the Subcarpathian Museum in Krosno:

  • Prehistory of the Subcarpathia - The Past Enlivened
  • From the History of Krosno and the District
  • History of Lighting
  • Gallery of 19th and 20th Century Krosno Artists
  • The Glass of the Subcarpathian Glassworks 


  • The Old Town
  • The Parish Church
  • The Franciscan Church in Krosno
  • Old Krosno Cemetery


The topic areas are adjusted to the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. These classes are enriched with videos, slides, museum exhibits and multimedia presentations:


  • The Prehistory of Subcarpathia
  • The Beginnings of Krosno and History of Krosno Market Square
  • Prehistoric Art
  • Subcarpathian Fortified Settlements
  • The Archaeologist's Workshop
  • Trzcinica – The Carpathian Troy
  • The Daily Life of the Medieval Inhabitants Of Krosno
  • Prehistoric Tools


  • The Krosno District over the Centuries (Area, Borders, Inhabitants, Administration)
  • Krosno in the Period Before Foreign Partitions (Until 1772)
  • Krosno District Under Austrian Rule (1772-1918)
  • Inhabitants of Krosno in the National Uprisings
  • Inhabitants of Krosno and Krosno District Struggling for Polish Independence in the Years 1914-1921
  • Krosno in the Interwar Period
  • Krosno and Krosno District During the German Occupation
  • Pro-Independence Underground Activities in Poland 1944–1956

History of Lighting:

  • History of Lighting over the Centuries
  • The Collection of Oil Lamps in the Krosno Subcarpathian Museum

History of Glass and Glass Industry:

  • From the History of Glass Making in the Subcarpathian Region
  • Glass: Essence, Techniques to Make And Decorate Glass

The Artistic Life of Krosno:

  • Trends in European Painting Found in Krosno Artists’ Paintings
  • The Gothic and Renaissance Art in Krosno
  • 19th and 20th Century Painters and Sculptors of Krosno

General Information about Art Conservation:

  • Restoration of Paintings
  • Maintenance of Sculptures
  • The Conservator's Studio

Other Topics

  • Mansions and Manors of Krosno
  • Jews in Krosno (with the oldest Krosno film production from 1932)
  • Exploring the Museum as a Cultural Institution

Reservations for groups and bookings of museum lessons should be made with particular Museum departments which are responsible for running the lessons:

Archaeology: ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 20
History:  ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 22
History of Lighting: ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 23
History of Glass and Glass Industry: ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 23
Arts: ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 21
Restoration: ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 25
Education and Promotion: ph. 13 43 213 76, ext. 16

The museum runs lessons and workshops related to the temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Please refer to the annual programme of exhibitions of the Subcarpathian Museum in Krosno.
The programme also covers many other interesting forms of cultural education. 
We organize:

The Museum organizes regular international archaeological conferences devoted to the Carpathian region and issues related to the times from Stone Age to the Early Modern period. It also organizes historical conferences covering topics associated with regional issues (mainly 20th century) as well as with the history of lighting and history of art.

classical music, early music, and among them chamber Chopin recitals on the historical Pleyel grand piano
MUSEUM MEETINGS: with interesting and outstanding personalities of the Subcarpathian region (travellers, writers, regionalists)

The special projects, which enjoy unflagging popularity among children and adolescents, were incorporated into the regular Museum program. The projects include The Museum Night in May combined with the Art Fair, and the Open Day in September. Those projects are enriched by concerts and performances of re-enactment groups.

Information about upcoming events can be found on the news page. 
For general information, please contact the Department of Education and Promotion, 
tel. 013 43 213 76 w. 13, e-mail: promocja@muzeum.krosno.pl